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USA Jobs Today I’m going to talk about usa jobs we have found the top 10 usa jobs for you where you can make a lot more money and have a more fulfilling career if you’re stuck at home and thinking of a career switch now is a good time to upskill yourself to find a better job than pays well even though this is not the best usa job market right now all of us can upskill ourselves to find a better paying job and what’s better than a high-paying job that you also enjoy doing.
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so we went around looked at a lot of data to find the top 10 most in-demand jobs that you can work at
today before we move forward I have to ask if you find this article helpful okay let’s get right to it but first
let’s talk about how we got to these top 10 in-demand jobs first we looked at the base salary
data then we looked at the number of unfilled job positions and the growth rate of these job positions we also

Registered Nurse

looked at how people traded their job experience were they happy were they satisfied in their careers or not and then we pick the top 10 in-demand jobs for your to number 10 registered nurse nursing is one of the fastest-growing job positions in the country due to an aging population there are hundreds of thousands of nursing positions in the u.s but not enough nurses in the future nursing will continue to be one of the hottest fields in terms of job demand according to ford’s nursing will.
continue to be an in-demand job for the foreseeable future there are a lot more hospitals there is a lot more demand in hospitals and for home care and this pays well according to you us bureau of labor statistics the starting median base salary of a nurse is 68 450 dollars and you only go up from there as you gain more skills as you gain more experience you can make up to one hundred thousand dollars in nursing

Project Manager

Project Manager
within a few years, so registered nurse is a top ten pair number nine project manager as the project manager you’ll be responsible for leading projects from inception to finish your day-to-day tasks may include dealing with team members figuring out budgets making sure that the project is running.
smoothly and deadlines are met you will be working with a lot of people and managing projects end-to-end project managers do get a bird’s-eye view of the project but it can also be stressful you also don’t need a degree to be a project manager but generally project managers either have a bachelor’s or a masters degree and some of them also go for professional project management certification courses it only helps them earn more money over time starting median base salary of a project manager is 75 474 dollars and it only goes.

Operations Manager

Operations Manager
Operations Manager
up from there again you can get to six-figure salaries pretty quickly if you’re working hard and upskilling yourself
number eight operations manager operations managers are tasked with making sure that the business operations are running smoothly you also have to be analytical for this job you may be required to analyze business processes and functions you will be analyzing a lot of data creating reports and charts and reporting.
ways to improve uh to the management and even to project managers operations managers generally are always
looking for ways to improve the business functions and improving these business functions lead to significant savings for the company and that’s why operations managers are also paid well the starting median base salary of an operations manager is 76 971 dollars and you can make more money as you grow in a company as you get as you become an expert at a business function and that’s why operations manager are number eight on.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
the list number seven marketing manager so marketing is a rapidly growing feel with so many new distribution articles social media email and so many other fields marketing managers are always in demand marketing is also a very challenging job you have to be analytical and creative marketing positions also vary significantly from company to company you need to figure out where you need to be an expert in marketing you always start with
one field and then go up the ranks you also need to figure out what you want to do in marketer do you
want to be a digital marketer a social media marketing an email marketer or an inbound lead gen specialist
the positions are significant and they’re growing at a rapid pace marketing has significant variation so you’re likely to find something that’s right up your alley and it also pays well the starting median base salary of a marketing manager is eighty-one thousand and seventy-eight dollars and marketing managers also rise pretty
quickly in the ranks, so you can be making hundred thousand two hundred twenty thousand dollars.

Occupational Therapist

within a few years of starting your new job that’s why marketing is number seven number six occupational therapists occupation therapists help people who are physically or mentally disabling conditions, they work with patients to help them get back to normal lives occupational therapists also help people improve their ability to do day-to-day tasks they help people gain physical strength.

Electrical Engineer

mental strength improve motor functions and improve cognitive functions and that’s why the occupational therapist jobs are expected to increase by a whopping 24 in the next three to four years and because this job is in the medical field occupational therapists also make a lot more money the starting base salary of an occupational therapist is eighty one thousand nine hundred dollars and because they work in the medical field they generally work in hospitals or therapy centers, uh the benefits with this job is also really great so the occupational therapist is our number six number five electrical engineering this.
is again a field that has exploded in the last 10 years anywhere from your iPhone to your computer to your laptop to your monitor and even your car has a ton more electronics than 10 years ago there’s also a significant need for electrical engineers in robotics airspace defense and even green energy so it is no surprise that electrical
engineers are hired as soon as they graduate it generally certainly requires at least a bachelor’s degree in the field of electrical engineering and some knowledge of hardware and that’s why it also pays.

Mechanical Engineer

really really well the starting median base salary of an electrical engineer is 86 153 and electrical engineers as they grow up in their career they become managers of hardware divisions of companies or they manage a hardware product and that is very lucrative that’s why electrical engineering is number five-number four mechanical engineering now mechanical engineers are similar to.
electrical engineers but they don’t deal in the electronics part they they design a lot of products using  uh
3d modeling they manufacture products they manufacture a lot of products that electrical engineers are designing so mechanical engineers are also needed in a wide variety of industries including technology 3d printing robotics airspace defense and clean energy and that’s why experts estimate more
than 200 000 job openings for mechanical engineers by 2025 and as you’d expect mechanical engineers
are also paid well the starting median base salary of the mechanical engineer is 87.

Biomedical Engineer

300 and they continue to make more money as they become experts in the field and that’s why mechanical engineering is number four coming to the top three number three biomedical engineering is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry and engineers are involved in designing
and developing all these medical devices is also one of the best jobs for those who want to impact humanity in a positive way biomedical engineers are responsible for designing and developing medical devices.
such as ventilators heart transplant monitors artificial limbs artificial transplants and biological implants the positive impact on human life is immeasurable but biomedical engineers are paid really
well the starting median base salary I 88 700 and it’s growing every year biomedical engineers work a lot with
doctors and medical device companies so they also have to work a lot of patients this is again one of the best
jobs if you want to have a positive impact on humanity so biomedical engineering is number.

Software Engineer

number two software engineering software engineers are everywhere they are part of every company
irrespective of what type of company you are you need software engineers to write code to develop apps and help them run at scale facebook Instagram tick-tock Whatsapp all these apps were developed by software engineers so it’s no doubt the software engineers are also paid really really well the starting median base salary for a software engineer is 103 620 and software engineers can make up to a million dollars at some.

Data Scientist

companies apple google facebook Microsoft amazon NetFlix and the list just goes on many of these companies pay top dollar for the best software engineers so software engineering is number two number one data scientist people say data is the new oil anything we do on the internet gets locked and stored somewhere and data scientists help companies to make sense of it have you ever wondered when you tried when you watch a youtube video how youtube shows you all the other videos that you just click on and spend hours.
there are data scientists behind the scenes trying to figure out if a person watches some video then what other article this person would like and that’s why data scientists are at  the heart of all technology companies
they are as important if not more important than software engineers working as a data scientist again
doesn’t require a college degree but you need interdisciplinary skills you need to know software.


and you need to know statistics and depending on your job you may also need to know about business data science has also been called hardest job in the 21st century and that’s why it pays really really well every company wants data scientists the starting median salary of a data scientist is 111 267 and if you’re a really good data scientist then the sky is the limit and that’s why data science is the most in-demand job that also pays the best
so those are the top 10 jobs for today we hope you found this article useful please let us know in the comment.


section what industry you work in and what’s the average salary in that industry we’re always looking to learn from our the community so that all of us can become better also please let us know if you want to know more about these jobs we are always looking to make helpful videos for the community thank you until next time bye
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