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We are recently shifted to Karachi. We are finding a security guard for our protection. The daily news of robberies and kidnappings are a great alarm for us. Whenever we sit in front of TV , every news channel reveals new heart rending realities of city life especially. So we have decided to have a security guard as it is our first responsibility to take care about our lives.

If you want to avail this job, you must be loyal to your job. We know that this is a tough and twenty four hours job. Your salary is around fifteen thousand rupees. You will get only three leaves per month.
Honesty is the basic key of professional life. To fulfill your basic facilities such as food , shelter etc.. Is our duty.
If you want to live with your family, You can live in a quarter of our house. In that case your salary will be about thirteen thousand. Our religion Islam orders us to take preventive measures for our safety. Join Now if you interested.

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