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Project Ideas

Why do you need ideas for new and successful projects?

In the world of small projects, imitation has become like an infection. As soon as a successful projectappears, many people in the same city, in the same neighborhood, and on the same street rush to imitate and work the same project, so that everyone falls in the end without even trying to search for ideas for new successful projects . And if you insist on imitating the idea of ​​a successful project , at least start from where others have finished developing and improving, as the market is ruthless.

A good and appropriate idea is the first building block for every successful project, and you may have many ideas that, if well studied, can lead to a profitable and successful project. Whatever activity you choose, make sure that you love to do it, and that others are willing to pay the price. In order to obtain your products or services.

How to get successful small or large business ideas 

In this topic, we will provide you with a set of ideas and tips that will definitely help you in getting an idea for a successful project that suits your qualifications and abilities. All you have to do is comprehend the following eight ideas that are associated with some of the great businessmen whose success stories have become famous.

You can also benefit from the ideas of ready-made projects that we got to know in  18 of the best ideas for successful and very profitable small projects with a small capital 

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Save what you need and don’t find – the best way to find a successful project idea 

Have you searched for a product or service and did not find it in your vicinity? He tried to provide what you needed and found it difficult to find. One of the most famous film printing companies in Uzbekistan was started by its owner when he did not find a place to print his films there, and today his company is worth nearly $100 million.

In our Arab region, one evening, while Sheikh Saud Bahwan was in the Sultanate of Oman inspecting one of his car-related projects, one of the drivers asked: What can I do if my car breaks down and I need help at night? The driver replied that you only have to wait until the morning, and this observation did not pass on Sheikh Saud and he decided to establish service centers that work around the clock, all days of the year to satisfy his customers, and now he owns an empire that includes thousands of employees, hundreds of branches and millions of items.

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Turn your hobby into a successful small business

Among the most successful businesses are those that start with a hobby that develops into a professionalism and a source of creativity for a distinguished work, and develops into a successful and profitable project that puts its owner among the owners of successful projects.

The reason is that when many people choose to start working for themselves, they immediately and without hesitation turn to the things they feel passionate about, and most of the time these things are nothing but their hobbies. Passion is what wakes you up in the morning, and what keeps you going when faced with setbacks and doubts as you go along, and when the day is over. Passion is what prevents you from picking up and back on the safe path.

Problem solving is a profitable project

Look for problems and find solutions in your own way, and ask everyone around you about the daily problems they face, as they may refer to you with new ideas. Necessity is the mother of invention. The invention and marketing of most office tools was due to problems and needs that affect the daily work of employees. Searching for a solution to a problem, big or small, is one of the foundations of a successful project idea.

The smallness of the problem does not mean that it is not profitable. The small problem that 5 people suffer from is considered small, but is it still small if thousands or more people suffer from it? of course not.

different from others

When you offer something different from what others offer, you will attract a segment of the market targeting this difference and distinction, and this means that the good or service you provide must be unique, and that you know it and know it for your customers, and the results of this adventure do not recognize compromise, either you will succeed Brilliant or fail miserably.

Start where the others end

You can benefit from the advancements and technological developments around you. At a time when merchants were supplying office furniture and simple equipment, Abdul Rahman Al-Jeraisy entered the Saudi market in the field of office technologies and equipment, where he started with 40,000 riyals, and chose to focus in the field of information technologies and computer networks. From a simple beginning, where he worked with only one person, he became working Its companies have more than 5,000 employees, and 4,000 of them work in the technology field.

Look for emerging markets

Start in the virgin markets that the Kabbalah did not pay attention to, and do not forget that these adults started young. There is Rafik Hariri – may God have mercy on him – who accepted a challenge in which he took a lot of adventure through his participation with the French company “Oger” in establishing a hotel in Taif in a period of nine months After major companies apologized for accepting this challenge at the time, to achieve his first major achievements and then establish “Saudi Oger” and launch into the world of business and finance.

Improve what others have to offer

This is an alternative approach to inventing new ideas. The Singer company, for example, did not invent the sewing machine, but added to it the development of mechanical movement with the leg instead of the hand.

Create new project ideas 

You can get a project idea through innovative ideas. There are always solutions to problems, but they are often traditional and not new, so the innovative project is based on providing new proposed solutions to existing problems in an aspect of life.

Innovative project in 8 steps

In order to successfully move in the direction of the innovative project, you should be aware of a number of important steps before starting, which are:

The first step to getting an idea for a successful innovative project

There are two types of innovative projects: general projects, and specialized projects. As for general innovative projects, they are available as long as possible. As for specialized projects, you should avoid those that are not in your field of specialization, or at least not close to it, because you cannot in any case innovate in the field of cosmic gravitation, and you did not study physics. If you don’t innovate outside your specialty.

The second step

Think about the circle of possibilities and capabilities, the innovative project remains just an illusion, if the requirements of its study to ensure its success or not, and if theoretically it was difficult to implement and outside your capabilities, it is not wise to concern yourself with a project to solve a problem that needs to be tested in space, this is beyond the possibility Thinking about it, it’s just a waste of time.

The third step

Put your hand on the problem so that you can think of the solution. The innovative project is based on providing a solution to an existing problem in a product, industry or science. It is a project based on a scientific idea, whether theoretical or practical. In both cases, you need to know the nature of the problem in order to visualize it. Then you can search for the appropriate solution. Visualizing solutions is a branch of visualizing problems and their causes. If we assume that you are looking for a solution to the problem of the annoying sound of the fan, for example, you need to identify the technical problem that causes the sound in all its scientific and applied dimensions; To be able to have completely silent fun, for example. Here, you should realize that identifying the problems and the possibility of their solutions is the first key to the innovative project, and the basis for this is the accuracy of observation and reflection. And by the way, there are fans that work completely without sound, which is an innovative project that stands today in its own right. Search for a Dyson fan on Google and you will realize the value of this example, and it will seriously surprise you.

The fourth step

Be methodical in your study of the problem, and this methodology depends on the accuracy of observation, and writing down the current problems in the project to be innovated “towards a problem in an industrial product at the present time”, or in a chemical equation, for example, or a computer program or so, and then thinking of solutions Assessing its costs, its applicability in reality, and its desired feasibility. A systematic study by following these steps is sufficient to give you a sound perception of the roadmap for the successful realization of your innovative project.

Fifth step

Initiative, there are always solutions to problems, but they are often traditional and nothing new. In most cases, they are illusory solutions that contain defects, so thinking about solutions should be coupled with being actual solutions, and an initiative at the same time, any feasible and unprecedented process as well. The spirit of initiative is the basis of innovation, but it is the initiative with feasible practical solutions, and not just theoretical solutions that are not Viable, or applicable, but less profitable.

Sixth step

Having the basics of success and respecting its laws, which is a general step for success in general. for the innovative project.

Seventh step

Protection of the innovative project if it is of the type that can be protected by local, regional and international stakeholders, the idea belongs to its owner, and if it is valid for an innovative project in the form of an invention, for example, the owner has the right to protect it from theft and counterfeiting for specific years of up to twenty renewable years, according to a research methodology required by it. Protection steps, such as projects and obtaining a patent.

Finally, when an idea comes to your mind that you see within the ideas of successful and innovative projects, write it down and leave it in your head for a while to complete all its aspects and open your mind to all possibilities. You don’t have to run and rush with the first business idea you come up with, but you have to discover the idea that matches your skills and desires first, dream, then think, then plan, then start implementing and creating your future.


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