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Latest CCTV Operator Jobs In Karachi 2021

Karachi is largest city of Pakistan and there are many security issues due to terrorism. Today we are hiring CCTV operator jobs in Lahore. A chemical company needs CCTV operator for their company who will able to manage their company Cameras full day. A CCTV operator works in security room and there are many screens. These are linked to cameras that are placed in company labs and places such as reactants sites, prevent something wrong happen during work. He will work by sitting in front of a bank of up to 5 screens in a room.

The main work of this job is to operate the position of the cameras in different rooms. His duty will monitoring employs anyone acting suspiciously and monitor all staff in company how they are working. Company  have a great issue when unexperienced person work there that is why they needs such a persons who have good experience of 2 years and they do their duty with full focus.

If you want to join this job and you are interested in this CCTV operator  job you join now this job but please read complete article  first to get more info about this job and just click on Apply Now to join.

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