job Interview
job Interview

Job Interview and preparation. A job interview is an evaluation process where you are asked to demonstrate your skills and competence. It is a way of assessing your ability to do the job. The purpose of a job interview is to get an idea of how well you can perform in the position for which you are interviewing. You may be required to appear for a series of interviews before being offered a position.

Tips for preparing job interview

Interview preparation is a must. If you do not prepare well, you will make mistakes in your interview and you will be out of the job. Here are some tips for preparing for your interview:

Research about company:

  • Spend some time on research about company and its management. Research about company will help you to find how they are doing, if they have any problems or even how they are doing in other countries. This can give you an idea about their culture, their way of working and their way of thinking.

Research about job:

  • Research about job is also important because it will give you more information about the job that interests you. It will help you to know about the job requirements, salary range and other things which are necessary for this position.

Be yourself:

  • Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not — this will only come off as weird and awkward on both sides. Instead, be honest about who you are and what you want out of an interview.


Confidence is another thing that is very important during the interview process. If your confidence is low then it will show up in your attitude during interview process. This can lead to being rejected by interviewer for that particular position. So try to work on improving your confidence level as much as possible before going for an interview so that there would not be any chance of rejection from interviewer due to lack of confidence level from applicant .  If you are confident in yourself then nobody can stop you from achieving your goals.

Practice Answers:

  • Practice answers to common interview questions. Read over prepared responses before the interview so that you’re ready to go when it comes time to answer them. This will also help prepare you for any unexpected questions that may come up during the course of the interview process.

Bring extra copies of your resume:

  • Bring extra copies of your resume with you so that if something happens at the last minute (e.g., your phone dies), you have one available to show them too. Also remember that they might ask why they would want to hire someone like you; make sure to include details about any special skills or experiences in your cover letter or resume that demonstrate how well suited you are for their position



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