Information about the best monkeys

Information about the best monkeys

information about apes Monkeys belong to the order Primates or Primates, meaning higher animals. It is one of the finest classifications in the animal world , there are more than 200 species spread all over the world, among the primates are very large, such as the gorilla that lives in Africa and can reach a length of about two meters, and some of them are very small not exceeding a few centimeters, such as the tarsier. Small, it’s the size of a mouse, and native to Asia.


It was given this name (Primates), by the Swedish naturalist Linneh in 1758, because in his view it was (the first), in the classification of the animal kingdom, and primates, thousands of years ago, resembled nocturnal insectivores. Today, primates are divided into two groups: lemurs and primates, and humans belong to the primates

golden lion monkey

ts marrow is larger than that of other mammals, and its skull is different. Its eyes are directed forward, which provides it with a good view of retractable bodies and distances. It is the soles of the walk (walks with all hands and feet on the ground). She can hold things with her hands because her thumb is facing the rest of her fingers.

Information about monkeys

Lemuria: Lemuri and Tarsis

These animals live on trees and are abundant in Madagascar, Africa and Asia. Its main food is leaves and fruits, and sometimes it catches insects and young birds. The strangest lemur is the AI: it has a long finger that it uses to snatch insects from under the bark of trees. Microccbc is the size of the inventory and is the smallest of the lemurs. As for the tarsi, it has the shape of a small lemur with a squiggly tail, large eyes and large legs, and it seems to be an intermediate state between lemurs and monkeys .

Types of monkeys with names

Habal, macaques and monkeys

Monkeys, like lemurs, live in trees more often and eat everything even though they are vegetarians. We distinguish two types of monkeys: New World monkeys (America) and Old World monkeys ( Africa and Asia).Information about the best monkeys New World monkeys, such as the little baboon and spider monkey, have 32 to 36 teeth and two nostrils far apart. It uses its long arms to move from tree to tree, and its long tail is akhan (grip), meaning that it can wrap around the branches to hold on to it.

Old world monkeys (Macaques, Qaridh, Nazik and Gelada) have 32 teeth and two adjacent nostrils and an unobtrusive tail. Many of them live most of their days on earth. The ulcers live in groups in Africa, and the male has huge fangs that allow him to confront major enemies such as the tiger . When threatened, monkeys resort to trees. They spread in North Africa, Information about the best monkeys especially in Asia, macaques such as Badr’s macaques (Rhésus), where they form organized groups. The latter discovered the Bender factor rhesus, which distinguishes human blood groups.

Learn about all kinds of monkeys in detail.

The fissure, the salaat, the gorly and the shinbenz

These monkeys do not have a tail and are the closest animals to humans, and the fissure that lives in Southeast Asia is the smallest hominid. He almost never leaves the trees, roaming between them thanks to his long arms.
The endangered tortoiseshell Information about the best monkeys lives in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo (Indonesia), and it is a huge carnivorous animal, which lives most of its days in the trees.

Information about oriental gorillas

The gorley is the largest of the monkeys, the length of the male is two meters and weighs 250 kg, living groups in Central and West Africa. The chimpanzee also lives among the trees and every night builds a new nest to sleep. Monkeys are capable of industry and the use of simple tools, and by their behavior and behavior, they are the closest animals to humans. Humans and chimpanzees have one common ancestor.

Information about the Imbal’s antelope


The Nazik is a monkey that lives only in wet forests, along the shores of the island of Borneo (Indonesia). It lives in trees, where it finds the main material for its food, the leaves of trees. It is an excellent swimmer that moves freely in the water and under water. Information about the best monkeys The trees and the shores of the rivers echoed his resonant cry morning and evening. This monkey from the ancient world has a curious nose, a pointed, oblong nose in females and boys, and it has a proboscis shape that hangs in front of the snout in males.


The auspicious the cousin of the monkey. It is an African monkey that lives in the tropical forests, from southern Cameroon to the Congo, spending most of its time on the ground but sleeping in the trees. The auspicious lead a family life consisting of a male and several females and youngsters, the male is more colorful than the female, the color of his nose is bright red, striped on both sides with blue broad stripes, his lips are also red, his back is red and blue, and his fangs are huge, the anger of this type of villager is frightening.



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