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Google Jobs NYC

Google Jobs NYC

Google Software Engineering Internet, Master’s, Falling 2021

Google Jobs NYC

Minimum qualifications:

  • You are currently looking for a master’s program or post-secondary or training experience with a focus on software development topics or other related technical fields.
  • Experience in software development and coding in general purpose programming language.
  • Try coding in C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python, or similar.
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    Google jobs You are currently attending a degree program in the United States.

    Available to work full-time for at least 12 weeks outside of university and return to the degree program after completing the internship.
    Experience with data structures or algorithms collected inside or outside the school or work.
    Experiment with C, C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript, Go, Python, or two or more similar programs.
    Experience in Web Application Development, Unix / Linux Environment, Mobile Application Development, Distributed and Parallel Systems, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Networking, Large Software System Development or Security Software Development.
    Ability to speak and write English fluently.

    About the job NYC


    Build a productive and innovative team and help them. This includes working with colleagues, managers, and teams.
    Create scripts to automate routine tasks.
    Analyze information and review results to choose the best solution to solve problems effectively.
    Apply the knowledge gained in the computer science course to real world problems.

    google jobs nyc
    google jobs nyc

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