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Google Family Link App

In this report, we talk about the Google Family Link application, as the segment of young children has become a large percentage of those who use the Internet daily, either for the purpose of entertainment, learning or fun, and we will not deny that the Internet is characterized by many positive points.

Those positive points make the child more open and forward-looking, for what is considered far from his surroundings, but on the last side, the Internet cannot be without risks as it is a lethal weapon that does not threaten the child’s physical or physical health but rather goes beyond what is more specifically Emotional and mental health.

Here, because you are the guardian of your children, whether they are your sons, brothers, or even the people of your region, and you must perform your duty in order to protect them and improve and develop their dealings with the Internet to be a blessing and not a curse that causes a lot of damage due to its use.

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As the technological boom is considered the first contributor, children also have a chance to own one of the various portable smart technologies such as a phone or electronic board, as parents provide the child with air in order to change his daily routine by having time for entertainment.

Therefore, in this post, we will share an application or service provided by Google through which you can have full control over the legalization of your child’s use of the phone or electronic board that belongs to him, in order to learn more in this report.

Google Family Link App

Google Family Link is a service provided by Google, under the title Parental Control for Children and Young Children’s Devices, which is primarily intended to legalize the use of the phone by children.

And that is in the event that they own a separate phone, all in order to track and monitor them and protect them from all offensive or offensive content that negatively affects the thoughts of children.

The Google Family Link service places two applications on the Google Play Store, where the first application is the Google Family Link for Parents application, which is intended for parents’ phones, and the other application is the Google Family Link for children application.

This wonderful application is intended for children and adolescents through which it is possible to control your children’s phone, as through the parents’ application it is possible to enter the children’s application and control the phone they own.

terms of use

From that service, the most prominent and important condition for controlling and monitoring the phone owned by your children will remain that both the son and the father’s phone be in the same country, and that is a major condition.

Adjust settings on the parent device

After you download the application and install it from the Google Store on your phone, you must open the application, and then you must keep pressing NEXT until another window appears with you containing a string of numbers and letters, which is the verification code and syncs with your child’s phone.

Adjust settings on the child’s device

Through the same steps, you will be able to download the application for children on your son’s phone, and when the download and installation process is completed, you must open the application in order for a window to appear with you. You must follow the steps of clicking on the following until you reach a window asking you to enter the Sync and Verify icon.

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