GBWhatsApp Download APK For Android Latest Version [2021]

Download GBWhatsApp 2021 for Android latest version gb whatsApp APK

  1. Download GBWhats App v9.10 APK 2021
  2. GBWhatsApp APK is available
  3. Download GB WhatsApp APK latest version 2021

GBWhatsApp . GB WhatsApp is the latest version of 2021, which has received a great deal of improvements and additions; And who made these improvements and developments, the developer Youssef Al-Basha; With an explanation of the most important advantages of the application and links to download the application, I followed the explanation.

GBWhatsApp Download

GBWhatsApp Download 
GBWhatsApp Download

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Download GBWhatsApp ,the latest update without problems, 2021 GBwhatsapp, a new version has been released v8.75 of the WhatsApp Plus update, GBWhatsapp is safe against the ban

This update comes after a lot of effort put in by the developers of the GBWhatsApp  version; And working on many experiments and extensively on some WhatsApp GB users; And also WhatsApp Plus users; After the development team for the version of GBWhatsApp  faced a lot of problems and complications; In the work and processing of the new version.

GB Whatsapp 2021

This version comes with many new additional features announced by the developer on its official website; Including hiding secret conversations; Enable the option to raise the status video to more than 30 seconds; Enable the option to recover deleted messages, and improve more than 20 additional features that were previously added.

Where the WhatsApp Plus GBWhatsApp version is distinguished from other WhatsApp versions; It is the absence of ads in the GB Plus versions; The developer is also distinguished from other developers of modified versions of WhatsApp Plus in the continuous update of the versions.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsapp:- Download GBWhatsApp Plus, security against the ban, version 8.20, after a long wait of more than 14 days, with the problem of fans of the modified version of the official WhatsApp, “GB WhatsApp  version breathe your love” after the recent updates issued by the company WhatsApp, and users of the Plus versions, “temporary ban” modified from the official WhatsApp version, and prevented them from “updating GB WhatsApp .”

GBWhatsApp comes with many great privacy features, where you can control all the privacy settings in the program, such as hiding appearance, status, readability and other privacy tools that we explain to you below.

  • Hide Online Status: Hide your last seen and use it completely freely and no other user can know your last seen.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: Hide the blue tick for specific contacts or groups, so that it is not known that you have read the message.
  • Hide Second Tick: Hide the received tick so that none of your friends knows if you have already received the message or not.
  • Hide Writing Tick: Hide the writing feature that appears in other contacts when writing your message.
  • It is also possible to hide an audio clip being recorded. Hide Recording Status: Hide an audio clip being recorded from contacts or groups during recording.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: Hide the blue microphone for contacts and groups, when opening the audio recording.
  • Hide View Status: Hide that you have viewed the status of friends, so that your name will not appear if you have viewed the status.
  • Download GB WhatsApp

  • [Exclusive] Returns the old layout of the main menu and states
  • [Fixed] The app does not install
  • [Fixed] Conversation Screen Bottom Style
  • [Added] Swipe chat row in home screen to see quick actions
  • [Added] Bottom bar style option to Home UI
  • [Added] Dark Mode for WhatsApp and Plus Settings
  • [Added] Download Emoji variants from Plus Settings
  • [Added] Option to use Phone system emoji variant for WhatsApp
  • [Update] Use new WhatsApp Fingerprint UI
  • [Update] Reducing APK size
  • [Update] Performance and speed
  • [Fixed] Privacy of adding to groups
  • [Fixed] People pictures shows incorrectly in Instagram status style
  • [Fixed] Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
  • [Fixed] Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
  • [Fixed] Themes Server not loading
  • [Fixed] Black line when scrolling when Instagram status style is enabled
  • [Base] 2.20.123
  • [. . . . .] Other improvements and fixes

An introduction to GBWhatsApp, the latest Android version, gbwhatsApp

gb whatsapp download

Download gb whatsapp apk

GB WhatsApp August Download GB WhatsApp latest version download Watts August GB WhatsApp latest version against the ban 2020 updated WhatsApp gb breathe breeze gbwhatsapp apk The new version is a program GB WhatsApp upgraded version of the famous application WhatsApp original was released by the company Pocket Watts father developed it was added many modifications and features of that version is different from the new whatsApp whatsApp Omar green whatsApp Aero  whatsApp red , but it is similar to a large extent the application of pocket Watts father blue and golden WhatsApp but differs in other feature about those completely version safe on Android phones such as Watts August 2020 with the ability to operate two WhatsApp numbers Also, there are a lot of stickers that add some fun to your chats with your friends.

Although the GBWhatsApp application is one of the newly released applications; However, it has been downloaded by millions of users; It received a positive evaluation by those who used it due to its advantages; and completely safe on their phones; And also for ease of download and to learn more about the features that exist in this program; You can continue reading the article and then downloading the program.

What is the truth of GB WhatsApp? GBWhatsApp Pocket Information:

download gb whatsapp

Download gb whatsapp apk

GBWhatsApp against the ban. GB WhatsApp version that you will download through the links at the end of the explanation; These are the latest versions of the GB WhatsApp application, as these links are constantly updated; In order to ensure that the user has the latest version; The user can download the blue WhatsApp, the green WhatsApp, and the Oji WhatsApp; In the event that he wants to operate three numbers on his phone; Or through the user downloading a copy of GB WhatsApp Pro v8.57, a second number; And the version of Oji WhatsApp Pro v8.57 to run a third number and a copy of WhatsApp Plus.

The WhatsApp GB application can be downloaded on any version of Android phones; It is not limited to phones with high capabilities; The application is also characterized by its small space, so it can be downloaded without the need to delete any files from your phone; This version of the GB WhatsApp application is distinguished by its elegant design; And a lot of features that enable you to experience a special communication with your other friends

  • Software name : Gb WhatsApp v9.5
  • Version : v9.5
  • Producing Company : GBWhatsApp
  • Compatible versions : Compatible with Android phones 5. and above
  • Program size : 51 MB
  • Program price : Free
  • Program type : communication
  • Language : Supports many languages
  • The first version of the program : 2019
  • Last update : 9/2/2021

What’s new in the latest update of GBWhatsApp V8.75 GBWhatsApp for Android:

Download gb whatsapp apk

The latest update of GB WhatsApp includes many features; Which made it outperform all other types of WhatsApp and all versions; It made many Android phone users resort to downloading this program; To take advantage of the following features:

  • The version of GB  WhatsApp has been updated to the version of the store
  • Improve and speed up the performance of the application
  • The installation problem faced by some users when it appears that the application is not installed has also been resolved
  • Also fixed issues with deleted and retrieved messages and sending the user’s location; Which was in the old version of GB WhatsApp
  • Many chat stickers and emojis were added that were not present in the old versions of the application
  • The problem of fonts that did not appear in the status of WhatsApp was fixed in that update
  • The problems related to changing the background of the WhatsApp screen and conversations were also addressed in that version as well
  • The forced pause in replying has also been fixed
  • The ability to install many conversations on the main screen has also been added, up to 30 conversations
  • Application against ban
  • Many of the problems that users of old versions were facing were also resolved and addressed; From plus share GB WhatsApp  app;By downloading the latest version of that application, you can have that difference and enjoy the added features of the application

How to download GB WhatsApp Infest Your Hawk latest version 2021

Download gb whatsapp apk

To download the latest version of the new GB WhatsApp application, you must follow some steps, including:

Download GB WhatsApp . The developer Youssef Al-Basha had refrained from developing the WhatsApp GB application; He mentioned this in his tweet because he does not want to have problems with WhatsApp again; But that version has been redeveloped, so let us download the GB WhatsApp  2021 application against the ban.

  • Delete all other WhatsApp programs and versions on your phone; So that there are no technical problems in the download so that you can get the free version of the application
  • Log in to the Google site and then type in the Google search engine; “Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp V8.75 ” to open a page with search results; Click on the first search result to enter the download page; Then click on the download link
  • Wait for a few moments for the GB WhatsApp  application to be downloaded; The download is done in Apk format , click on the download link to download the program; Follow the required steps by clicking on the “Agree, Continue” icons.
  • Until the last stage of the download is reached and the installation page appears, please wait a little; Taking into account the presence of a strong Internet to be downloaded immediately and move to the installation stage

How to use GBwhatsapp apk for the first time:

Download gb whatsapp apk

After the download is complete, go to the installation page and successfully install the application on your phone; Take into account some steps to be used to use the application and the steps are as follows:

  • Open the application by clicking on the application icon on the main interface of your phone; To open it and receive a welcome message from the application and through that page you can learn about the program’s privacy policy; Click on “Agree” to go to the next page
  • The next page in the GB WhatsApp application is concerned with personal data. The user must enter his phone number; With allowing the program to access its contacts; Then your phone number will be verified by sending a message with a special code; It must be entered in the custom field
  • In case you want to recover all your messages, files and photos; On other versions or older versions of WhatsApp; You can click on “Restore” and wait for all your files to be downloaded
  • It is also taken into account to choose a name for the user, which will appear to the contacts on the program; Choose a personal photo while agreeing to some permissions to access photos and files on your phone
  • After you have followed the previous steps and implemented them, you can start downloading your contacts and start communicating with them through GB WhatsApp , share different cases and enjoy the other features that the application provides to its users

Features of GBWhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Pocket . GB WhatsApp There are three versions of the GB WhatsApp application, the first is the original version of the application, the safe version of the quick version is used to operate a second number, and the third version is used to solve the user’s desire to operate a third number. Among the advantages that are available in this version:

Although there are many features in all different versions of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Red and Blue, WhatsApp Pocket  is distinguished from others in many features that made millions of users download the modern version of it, including:

  • The GB WhatsApp application is not limited to one account only, more than one account can be used within the application without any problem
  • All the features in the Gb Mod are available in the latest update of version 8.75
  • The availability of many distinctive and newly designed backgrounds, as well as many different stickers and fonts, as well as the ability to use GIF within GB WhatsApp
  • In the event that the user wishes to keep a copy of the status of any of his contacts, he can copy that status without resorting to taking a picture of the screen
  • You can send and receive all different files, videos and photos up to 50 MB
  • You can share audio files up to 100MB
  • Through GB WhatsApp , you can enjoy complete privacy, through which you can hide that you are connected now and hide all of (delivery of messages, hide writing, registration is in progress)
  • Features of WhatsApp GB

  • Through GB WhatsApp , you can activate many features (activating the automatic reply feature on messages, activating the message scheduling feature, activating the hidden chat feature)
  • You can share many photos on GB WhatsApp , up to 10 photos at a time
  • Update WhatsApp Web as it works efficiently in the latest version of GB WhatsApp
  • The possibility of downloading a video as a status for WhatsApp for a period of up to 7 minutes instead of downloading a video of only 30 seconds, with the possibility of controlling the duration of the video through the program settings
  • You can maintain the privacy ofGb  WhatsApp  by creating a password or using a pattern
  • The video player has been changed in the latest version of GB WhatsApp
  • This is in addition to a large number of other advantages.
  • This version allows the user to send images in high quality with the ability to send 100 images at once.
  • You will not need to register the numbers in order to send messages to them, as you can send messages without saving contacts.
  • Also, the user will not need to download an external application in order to download or copy the cases of friends, as through this application you can download and copy the cases of friends.
  • The user will not need to download an external application in order to lock the WhatsApp application, as through the application the user can lock the application or lock a specific conversation.
  • This application contains a theme store with 2400 the user can choose from among those themes.
  • There is an option that allows the user to cut long videos in order to be of the allowed length in order to enter their participation in the cases.
  • Among the settings added in the gbwhatsapp download, which increases privacy, is the ability to hide appearance, hide writing, recording an audio clip, and many additional settings.
  • What distinguishes the GB WhatsApp  application is that it includes all the advantages of the WhatsApp Plus application, the blue WhatsApp, as it supports all Android operating systems, and the application distinguishes its modern design
  • WhatsApp GB

The latest version of the GB WhatsApp  2021 program is considered to have many features that made it occupy advanced positions among other social networking programs.

  • The application is available to everyone : one of the most important features that contributed to the spread of the application is that it can be downloaded free of charge from anywhere and in a very easy way, and there are no in-app purchases, which attracts many users of social networking sites to download and try it and learn about the features inside it
  • Availability of the application in the Arabic language : the availability of the Arabic language within the GB WhatsApp  program is easy for many users. It is easy to use the program, adjust its settings, control privacy, and get the most benefit from its features, unlike if it is available in English only, this causes difficulty for some users Especially in Arab countries
  • Retrieve deleted messages : In the event that the other party to the conversation deletes the messages sent, whether in the private chat or in groups, you can retrieve those messages by pressing the upper bar in green and then clicking on the deleted message to be able to read it without the other party knowing that
  • The presence of many stickers and emoticons : The developers of the program have added many stickers and emojis known as emojis that you can use to express your status in messages between you and friends, which adds some fun to messaging
  • Privacy in WhatsApp GB

  • Privacy of calls : In the event that you do not want to answer calls or receive calls, you can block all calls.
  • Recording audio clips : The GB WhatsApp  program is characterized by the ease of recording audio clips through it, as the method of recording in many versions caused inconvenience for some users, as it was necessary to click long on the recording button until the completion of the recording, and sometimes the recording process can fail if your finger is released , but through the GB WhatsApp program, you can click one click to record, then record your audio clip, and then click again to send the clip
  • The privacy of the reading health : you can hide the sign that you have read the messages, which are two healthy ones in blue, and in this way you can hide from the sender and he does not know that you have read his messages
  • Questions and inquiries : You can get an immediate and quick response to all questions and inquiries that you need to answer, as there are many specialists to answer those inquiries at any time and help the user solve any problem they encounter
  • Password : You can lock the application and protect your conversations from anyone without resorting to downloading lock programs. All you can do is set a four-digit password or set a pattern, and protecting conversations is not only limited to that, but you can also protect a specific conversation with the same The method is by entering the “WhatsApp Lock” and setting a password
  • The ability to contact you while the application is closed : anyone can reach you even if the application is closed, so you can receive all communications from users without having to open the application
  • Download GB WhatsApp

  • Design : The GB WhatsApp  application is distinguished by its elegant design with the ability to change the application icon in different and varied colors located inside the application and choose the shape that suits your taste
  • Backup : In the event that you obtain the copy of GB  WhatsApp , all your data is safe, as you can make a backup copy of all your data, photos and messages on your Gmail account and the ability to restore those messages even in the case of deleting the application
  • Send and receive videos : You can share many videos without fearing the space or duration of the video, so the duration of the clips has been increased to 7 minutes, and you can also send cases on WhatsApp without being restricted to only 30 seconds
  • Automatic reply to messages : One of the characteristics that distinguishes this program from others is the automatic reply, so the user can add after the messages he wants to send and put them in the automatic reply feature, and you can also specify the time of sending those messages
  • Closing the Internet from the application : Through the Wi-Fi sign at the top of WhatsApp, you can control closing or opening the Internet from the application, while keeping the Internet open for the rest of the applications
  • The size of the application : despite the presence of all these advantages in the application, its size is not relatively large compared to the rest of the applications similar to it. The application is suitable for most types of existing phones and also does not need a phone with high capabilities

WhatsApp – GB WhatsApp settings last update 2021

The application is characterized by the highest standards of security and privacy. Through its settings, you can control the privacy of the application, and the application settings are as follows:

  • Chat : It contains all the chats you made and is arranged from newest to oldest, and when you get a new message, the chat goes to the top of the page
  • Wi-Fi tag : through which you can control the closing or opening of the Internet from the application without the need to block the Internet from the rest of the applications on the phone, and to return the Wi-Fi mark again after closing the application, you must enter the conversations box
  • Camera tag : through which you can take pictures or record videos of up to 7 minutes using the front or back camera and send them to your friends who are in your contacts
  • My case : Through it, you can add a picture or write different sentences using more than 250 characters, unlike the old versions that only specified 130 characters.
  • Scissors : Using scissors, you can open your phone’s gallery and choose photos and videos to set as your personal status
  • Pen : A special page opens for you to write cases with the ability to change the font shape and background color
  • Calls : It is a page containing the history of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Erase : Through the erase tab located within the calls page, you can remove calls from the history
  • Phone sign : You can make any phone call by clicking on it

GbWhatsApp settings:

Download gb whatsapp apk

  • Privacy: Through the privacy settings of the program, you can control hiding the connection status, hiding your connection status, specifying who can contact you, hiding the recording of audio clips, hiding the microphone mark and writing with the ability to delete sent messages and control not to show that you have seen their status
  • Security : Through the security section within the application settings, you can protect the application. Set a special code or a secret number to protect your chats from prying eyes.
  • Updates: You can update the application through this section, making sure that your phone is connected to a strong WiFi network to get the latest version.
  • Design: You can control the shape, type and size of the font in the main interface or chats with the ability to choose between the existing icons of the application for an icon that suits your own taste, control hiding media from the gallery, making backup copies as well as controlling existing settings
  • Home screen: You can control the shape of the upper bar or the lower bar of the main screen and change their color and other existing settings
  • Conversation screen: choose the color of the speech in the conversation and control the hiding or appearance of a picture and the name of the person with whom the conversation is taking place, controlling the appearance or hiding of the status in the upper bar of the conversation

The difference between GB WhatsApp and regular WhatsApp?

Download gb whatsapp apk

Regular WhatsApp allows sending and sharing different media in a period of no more than 30 seconds, but through GB WhatsApp  you can send media for up to 7 minutes

Breathe your air . Because the developer Youssef Al-Basha stopped developing the application, there are many problems, as the user of the GB WhatsApp Adham application is very large and they do not want the application to stop as they do not want to lose their conversations, but in this article we will provide you with a solution to this problem, as he The developers are constantly developing the GB WhatsApp application, a version of Breathe Your Love, and the problem of a notification that this application has become outdated and needs to be updated has been resolved, and a feature has been added that the application is now against the ban, in addition to many other advantages that we will learn about, and this version is the latest A copy of the Gb WhatsApp  application that a group of developers worked on updating and adding many features that were not present in it.

In normal WhatsApp, you can only send 30 photos to your friends, but through Gb WhatsApp , you can send 90 photos at once

Although there are many advantages in WhatsApp GB over the regular WhatsApp, the size of the regular WhatsApp is relatively large, reaching 35 MB, while GB WhatsApp  reaches 27 MB

Through WhatsApp, you can hide the last seen, but you will not be able to see the last seen of others, but through GB WhatsApp, you can see the last seen of others

Regular WhatsApp does not contain many emojis, stickers or different icons, and its shape is fixed, unlike GB WhatsApp

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp :

  • The presence of annoying ads that appear in the application, which causes some inconvenience to some users, but in many cases the ads appear in a non-random way, so they do not bother others with the same amount of inconvenience if they appear randomly
  • Many people have a fear of any application that does not exist in the famous online stores, or from fear of the method of downloading from Google, and also many fear that the application is not from a well-known company such as Facebook and other companies, and fear that it may be based on the hands of developers that are not Efficient employees in large companies
Download GB Whatsapp
Download GB Whatsapp

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