Fear of making decisions: Here are these tips to overcome it

Fear of making decisions

Fear of making decisions , not everyone has the courage to make decisions in his life and it is not an easy thing as it happens to some, there are some people who have to escape or leave the decision-making to others to avoid bearing any consequences, and in this topic we will learn about the fear of decision-making and ways that would help you get rid of it.


1) Fear of making decisions

2) The effect of fear of making decisions

2.1) Feeling paralyzed and helpless

2.2) Feeling negative

2.3) Stand in the middle

2.4) Firmly express what you want

2.5) Decision-making with great enthusiasm

3) Tips to help you decide

4) How do you get rid of your fear of making a decision?

4.1) Take notes

4.2) Define exactly what you hate

4.3) Knowing that you have the right to change

4.4) Unleash your imagination

Fear of making decisions

Deciding fear is defined as a lack of courage in people when they make a specific decision about something in their life.

And this fear of making a decision may affect the life of the individual, especially since the person must know that his fear of making a decision and implementing it will protect him from the consequences that he escaped from bearing, but on the contrary, for example, a person may go through these following models of things that stopped due to fear of taking Resolution is like…

  • Withdrawing scholarships due to fear of taking action or making a decision about it.
  • Not marrying the person you love out of fear of moving forward in your relationship and making a decision in that regard.
  • Suggestions you didn’t say or offer that made you feel scared.
  • Relationships fail because you are afraid to work on your problems.
  • Losing people as a result of your fear of apologizing for the mistakes you made.
  • You didn’t go on trips to places you didn’t always dream of going, because you were afraid of making your decisions and that made you miss out on a lot of happiness and adventure.

The effect of fear of making decisions

There is no doubt that each of us reacts differently towards making a decision in a particular matter, but in the end the reason is one and that is fear, and you may have gone through one of these stages when you made a decision and you were feeling afraid.

Feeling paralyzed and helpless

This stage is one of the most difficult and most dangerous stages that affects the person’s reaction severely, as a result of the individual’s fear of making a decision, as the individual feels paralyzed and unable to progress, and the person feels that his life is like a fog from which he does not see anything, and signs of sadness begin in appearing on it as a result.

feeling negative

Mostly, negative people are the people who always try to avoid any potential conflict, and perhaps satisfying the other party is the basis for them as they try not to show any features that express the distress inside them, so you find them calm and appear calm, satisfied and non-objectionable, but in fact you find them explode inside them Which may appear at any moment during their unfamiliar or violent reactions.

stand in the middle

With these people, you will not be able to find a clear answer if you ask them what the options carry, for example if you ask them how they see this product blue or red during a famous controversy over the product, they will never give you a definitive answer because of their fear of expressing a specific opinion or making a decision that is contrary to the decision of others.

And if you are one of these people, in fact, you may miss out on many opportunities in life and you will meet a lot of people who are aware of opportunities in life and define very well what they want.

Firmly express what you want

If you are one of the people who know what they want well and have the ability to express it clearly, this is a wonderful thing. On the contrary, there are some people who wait for others to know what is going on inside them and wait for them to express it themselves, which may cause them Hurt in their feelings, and this feeling of any will be forgotten if you express what you want clearly.

Decision making with great enthusiasm

At this stage of the decision-making, the owners have a high ability to determine what is good for them and indeed they take a bold step to get it, and the owners of this character have strength and leadership skills and they also have the ability to communicate easily.

Tips to help you decide

There are some tips that may help you a lot to make a decision about something, even if it is a simple matter, and you cannot make a decision about it.

  • Define the problem, question, or choice you should make about something provided you are in that state right now.
  • Identify the options available to you and put them in front of you so that you can make a decision.
  • Identify the consequences of each choice you will make, whether they are possible effects from near or far.
  • Determine the rate of risk and benefit in making a particular decision.
  • Select the options that most align with your principles.
  • Select the healthiest options you have.
  • Determine with yourself whether the decision you will make will affect you in the current period or in the long term.
  • Talk about your options with someone you trust and write down what advice you think would work for you.
  • Have a friend or an observer see the results of the change on you, which will greatly encourage you to move forward.

How do you get rid of your fear of making a decision?

Take notes

Each time you think about the situation you should make a decision about, try to take notes of the things you felt in your notebook. Write only how you felt and do not analyze.

For example, if you think how much you hate a job or something, record it, and later you will think about the reasons why you hate this job, record the reasons, and after a week, for example, make two choices and the choice in which you find more votes, take it .

Determine what exactly you hate

When we feel uncomfortable and resist doing something because we are afraid of a certain thing or as a result of a certain belief, for example, if a person records that he hates waking up early, he records his feelings at that time.

Knowing that you have the right to change

You should know very well that if you choose something, you also have the decision to change it at a later time, and you can change thoughts about a person’s matter. Here you are calculating the reaction of people and what they will say, and this fear will hinder you from enjoying your life or that you are doing what benefits you and is comfortable with it.

And always try to say that sentence: “I can’t control what people think of me, and I don’t care what people think.”

 Stop exaggerating things

You must put things in their size and stop exaggerating them, for example, if you are in a job and circumstances forced you to submit your resignation or were fired as a result of some mistake and your project stopped as well, know that it is not the end of the world, but rather start over and look at new opportunities, experiences and fun adventures and try to benefit a lot from them In the future.

 Unleash your imagination
  • Try to draw two images, one in which you imagine that you are in your own office with your own work, and the other is that you imagine yourself wearing special clothes suitable for your work in a company office.
  • Now record your visualizations on two sheets of paper and put them in a glass bowl and put one in your left hand and the other in your right hand and decide which one gets your attention the most, and which one you feel is the healthiest and most enjoyable and that will make your mind feel or think about it, and that really will be what you would like to choose .
  • In the end, you should not hesitate when you make a decision about something you are going through, but encourage and bear the consequences, whatever your decision, and know that escaping will further complicate matters.

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