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Download Showbox To watch American movies and series.

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Most users rely on movie and TV series streaming applications to kill boredom in their spare time, such as watching the latest movies, entertaining shows, or new parts and episodes of the favorite series. Today, there are hundreds of free media and video streaming applications, but you may not come across an application similar to Showbox.

What is the Showbox app?

Showbox is one of the most popular and popular media and entertainment video streaming applications. It provides the latest American movies and TV shows for free. It also offers its service in high quality where you can watch movies in HD quality. It also provides the feature of downloading the movie, program or series you want to watch later without The need for an internet connection.

The Showbox application is characterized by new content, as hundreds of new video content are added every week from new movies, programs and episodes of series, but it is not available on the official stores, so it must be downloaded from a trusted site.

Showbox app features

This application offers a set of distinctive features

  • Free: Showbox is a completely free application to download and use, it does not need to pay subscription fees or monthly and annual packages, it also does not require logging in or creating an account, and it does not impose any restrictions on any country.
  • Movies: Through the application, you can watch old American movies and the latest Hollywood movies in HD. The application divides movies by genre into different categories (action, adventure, anime, cartoon, comedy, documentaries, drama, horror, science fiction, etc.), and new content is added periodically. .
  • Programs: This application gives you the opportunity to watch American and European TV shows and shows in excellent quality. You will find the latest and old TV shows as well, and the shows are categorized according to their popularity.
  • News: With the Showbox application, you will be constantly informed of all the news of art, artists, rumors, and the latest news from movies and TV series.
  • Favorite List: The program allows you to create a list of your favorite programs or movies, by bookmarking the desired video to go to your list.
  • Download: The application is characterized by the speed of downloading, and you can download the desired content at the resolution of your choice to be downloaded to your device for viewing later without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Other Features
  1. You can change the order of the application content by (type – rating – years).
  2. The application offers a set of servers for each video, you can choose the fastest one.
  3. The program provides translation into a range of different languages.
  4. Provide content in a variety of quality to choose what matches your internet speed (360 – 480 – 720 – 1080).

?Why can’t Showbox be downloaded from Google play store

Because the policy of the app is completely against the policy of the Google Play Store, the content it provides, such as videos copied from YouTube and other platforms, is protected by copyright, so, like any other Android app that violates these rights, it will be expelled from the Google Play Store.

Is Showbox safe to download and use?

Yes, Showbox is completely safe to use, and it is free of any malware or malicious code, and it has been proven by millions of users who have downloaded it and enjoyed its features without any complaints.

?Is Showbox legal

Showbox is not a legal app because it delivers movies and TV shows without any prior permission from the original video creator, and streaming movies and TV shows without the permission of their creator is completely illegal, so Showbox is illegal.

?How do I download Showbox on PC

You can do this by downloading and installing the Android emulator (BlueStacks) on your computer, then downloading the apk file of the application and installing it on the emulator that you have installed on your device easily, so that the application works fully.

Download Showbox App

showbox apk download
showbox apk

The application supports tablets and smartphones running Android and iOS, but it is not available on the official stores, so you will have to download the apk file of the application from a trusted site.

  • INSTALL THE APP After downloading the apk file, press INSTALL to install.
  • Click on the top left of the screen as indicated by the arrow, a detailed list of what the application includes will appear.
  • Trending: includes the most important and trending technical news.

  • Movies: This list includes the latest movies, where you can watch them or download them to watch them later and in the quality you want, and you can also watch a short video of the movie.

  • TV Shows: Here you will find the latest TV works in its various parts, and you can search for the required work by arranging the series according to the rating or date of addition, and the application sorts the series by genre (action – adventure – cartoon – anime – documentary – comedy – crime .etc. ).

News: Through the list of news, you will find all that is new in the world of art, the latest news about actors, news of films and TV series.

  • Trailers: Through this menu, you can watch short clips of movies, this list is divided into two parts: Populer, which includes clips of the most important and most popular and famous movies, Just added contains clips of recently added movies.

  • New Releases: Featuring the new releases of movies and TV shows.

  • Favorites: You can add movies and series to your favorites list by pressing the star sign in each clip.
  • Downloads: In this list you will find all the clips that you have downloaded or uploaded.

Features and Disadvantages of Showbox


  • The application is completely free to download and use.
  • Provides high quality and clear content.
  • Large selection of the latest movies, TV shows and news.
  • Fast to download and easy to use.
  • Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS systems.


  • The application may be slow in your phone while working.
  • Servers often fail while working.
  • The application needs to be constantly updated.

Show Box is a well-deserved entertainment application, as it has many features and huge and constantly updated content to provide everything new in the world of cinema and television, including movies and TV series in excellent quality, and the latest technical news in the world.

Showbox application developed by version 5.28 , available for download for mobile phones with Android system.

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