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Cat Breeders Near Me

Cat Breeders Near Me, And How to raise cats at home

  • 1 cats
  • 2 How to raise cats
  • 3 age of the cat
  • 4 When should you start raising cats?
  • 5 Where is the cat placed?
  • 6 favorite foods for cats
  • 7 cat hygiene
  • 8 Some diseases that cats may be exposed to
  • 9 Mating and pregnancy in cats
  • 10 How to pet cats and play with them
  • 11 How to do the breeding of a kitten in size
  • 12 most important exercises that cats undergo
  • 13 Important Tips When Raising Cats
  • Cat Breeders Near Me

the cats

Cats are one of the best pets that people love, and want to raise inside the house , as they are a source of joy and pleasure, and children love them greatly, but some may refrain from the idea of ​​​​acquiring a cat; Not knowing all the information about it, many questions come to his mind, such as what is the correct way to train cats ? And how do I train her? How do I feed her? How do I treat it if I get sick? And other questions, so we have prepared this article to provide you with the largest amount of information about cats.

How to raise cats

The process of raising a cat is not easy or simple. Before a person begins to buy a cat, he must know a lot of information about it, which will greatly help him in the breeding process, and the most important of these information are the following:-

cat age

Cats are characterized as having a very high level of intelligence. They can easily understand their owner, and they can absorb everything around them to a large extent. As for the age of cats, they are medium-aged animals ; Where their age ranges from thirteen to fifteen years, with some anomalies, there are cats up to eighteen years old if the attention and care is well, and there are some of them die at the age of less than 13 years, and this occurs in cases of neglect.

When should you start raising cats?

Knowing the appropriate age for raising cats is very important, when a cat is born, it remains with its mother for a long time, and it is better to leave it on that until at least fifty days, after which the cat is weaned, and the breeding process begins, so if you are going to buy a cat, you To choose a cat that is more than fifty days old.

Where is the cat?

A special place must be identified for the cat, to sleep and play with, taking into account that that place is wide, and not narrow, because cats hate narrow places; It hinders its movement, and its ability to play and have fun, and it is necessary to allocate a small bag to carry the cat with it when leaving the house.

Favorite foods for cats

The food that cats eat varies according to their chronological age, as well as their health condition, and the best person to determine the appropriate food for them is the veterinarian, who determines the type as well as the quantities.

Cat Breeders Near Me

But in general, cats can be accustomed to any type of food, whether it is home food, or dried cans, and in childhood cats love milk a lot, and milk is very useful for them, because it provides them with calcium, but when pregnancy occurs, any milk should not be provided to the cat because it It may cause her death.

Cat Breeders Near Me

Cats also love meat, in all its forms, whether boiled, cooked or grilled, but in all cases, they do not give meat to cats, because it makes them more ferocious, to the point that they can harm their owner, with the possibility of contracting some diseases.

Cat Breeders Near Me

White meat such as chicken , fish and rabbits  is the favorite food of cats, as they love to eat it, and they also love liver a lot.

Cat Breeders Near Me

It is worth noting that when creating a meal for the cat, you must make sure that this meal includes a food component that contains the amino acid called taurine; Because it preserves the color of its eyes, and makes it more fresh, as well as the cleanliness of the water provided to cats must be taken into account, so that it is at the same degree of cleanliness as the water provided to humans.

cat hygiene

The hygiene process is one of the most important things that you must know all its details before buying a cat to raise it at home, and the cleaning process includes everything related to the cat, starting with its hair, nails, mustache, and other parts.

It is known that cats are one of the cleanest animals , as they always hang their fur with their tongue, in order to clean it of any materials stuck to it, and they also do this movement by styling their hair.

Cat Breeders Near Me

The human’s task in hygiene with cats begins from the sixth or seventh week of age, so he begins to train them on how to enter the bathroom to relieve themselves, and this training is one of the most difficult exercises, but with the continuation the cat gets used to it, and she enters the bathroom by herself, as well as she is accustomed to bathing, and she must by adjusting her bathing times, so as not to expose her to disease. In the summer, the bathing process is once a week, and twice at most, and in the winter, the bathing process is only done once a month; The fact that the cold weather poses a threat to its life, and bathing the cat we use a special shampoo for it. If that shampoo is not available, soap or conditioner can be used, while avoiding regular shampoo; Because it exposes her hair to fall.

Cat Breeders Near Me

One of the most common mistakes made by cat owners is to cut a cat’s mustache, without knowing that they are putting it in danger. The process of removing the mustache makes cats very upset and angry, and exposes them to cases of depression.

Cat Breeders Near Me

And do not forget about cats’ nails, and how to take care of them, where the nails must be taken care of and trimmed whenever there is a need for that, and the pruning process is done by the veterinarian, or specialized individuals, and if the cat owner neglects the pruning process, he may put himself at risk; When the cat gets angry, it may scratch it with its nails and infect it with bacteria, as well as it may scratch home furniture and furnishings, and there are some people who do not like the pruning process, in which case they can use a nail cover, and this is available in all animal supply stores.

Some diseases that cats may be exposed to

Cats, like humans, may be infected with many diseases, and they are subject to many vaccinations, just like a young child; So it is given immunity against any disease.

Begins with a trip vaccinated cats against diseases of the fourth week old, and continue until week sixteenth, divided those vaccines to major vaccinations are needed, such as vaccination against the disease of the dog , viruses goblet, disease , lack of overall white blood cells, and inflammation of the nose tracheal viral, and vaccinations Other subspecies such as vaccination against infectious cat peritoneum, Bordetella, chlamydial, and leukemia in the case of old cats.

Mating and pregnancy in cats

Cats give birth through mating, they, like humans, want to mate from time to time, and that desire begins to appear after the period of sexual puberty, and usually the male reaches an early age of about eight months, and begins to search for a female to mate everywhere, In most cases, the male marries every female he meets, while the female desires to mate at the age of one year, and it is not at all preferred to do her mating before that age, because of the dangers early pregnancy may carry for her, and there are symptoms that appear on the female that show that she has a desire to Mating like her tendency to be introverted as well as feeling depressed.

Cat Breeders Near Me

Although what was previously mentioned about the mating age is a general rule, we may find some slight differences in the mating age according to the breeds and types of cats , for example, we find that Asian cats that have short hair, are more inclined to mate at the age of 6 months , while other breeds such as Persian cats and Himalayan cats have a desire to mate, and reached the state of sexual maturity at the age of one year.

Cat Breeders Near Me

It is worth noting that there are certain periods of the year in which mating between cats is highly; Where the rate increases in those periods than in other parts of the year, such as January, February, March, and finally July.

Cat Breeders Near Me

During the mating process, a male’s sperm fuses with an egg from a female, and the pregnancy period begins, which lasts about 63 days. At that time, attention and intense care must be given to the cat, and she also loves to be petted during pregnancy, and when the date of birth approaches, the cat begins to search for a place to give birth. , she always tends to put her young away from the eyes, so the owner must respect that desire, and even help her in providing the appropriate place such as a small carton, so that it is warm and can accommodate her and her young, and the cat usually puts a large number of young people, up to eight, but In most cases, deaths of young children occur, only part of them survive, and the cat continues to care for its young, and breastfeeds them for up to fifty days, after which the owner can take the young cats and start raising them.

Cat Breeders Near Me

How to pet cats and play with them

Cats are one of the most entertaining animals, they add an atmosphere of joy and joy in the house, and cats love to play more with young children, and the most important thing that distinguishes the cat is that it may be playing with itself if you do not find someone to play with, for example, you may play with ball, or wool , as well as things that may create a fantasy on the walls such as lasers and others.

The owner of cats can pet them in more than one way, such as:-

Cat Breeders Near Me
  • Doing a back massage, and placing a hand on it to extinguish a feeling of kindness to cats, and this movement makes cats very happy, but beware that you massage the abdomen , because this causes distress and severe inconvenience to cats, and may make them walk away from you.
  • It is possible to massage the neck area as well as the cheek, this method makes many cats happy.
  • Cats love the method of being caressed by the head, where the individual puts his hand on her head or sides, and begins to massage.
How to do the breeding of a kitten in size

Of course, the process of raising small cats is more difficult than large ones; This is because it needs more care and attention, for example, when acquiring a two-month-old cat, it is necessary to take care of heating its sleeping place, as well as feeding it continuously, as food is given to it approximately every two hours, and at that age you have started to get used to eating normal home food. , it is preferable to give her milk also with a pipette like that of children; As it is very useful for her at that age, and as the cat grows older, the amounts of food she needs increase, and it is preferable to consult a veterinarian to organize these matters for her.

The most important exercises that cats undergo

Of course, cats undergo a large number of exercises, such as:-

  • Training for her name

This training is one of the first exercises that the cat undergoes, and it is at the time of eating; Because it is the time when the cats are very alert, and completely listening to what is around him, so the trainer pronounces the name of the cat, with the use of an alarm that emits a specific sound, and it is always preferable to use the reward method with the cat, the more she does something good or responds greatly to training, it is presented to her the food.

  • Training to respond to the call

This training is done before food, when the person brings the food box, he makes a sound from the alarm, until the cat comes to him, and with repetition the cat will get used to it by itself.

  • toilet training

This training is one of the most important exercises that the cat must get used to, in order to get rid of its litter correctly, and the training begins with assigning a bowl to the cat in which to put its litter, with changing its place every day, until it is placed in the bathroom, then it is brought closer to the toilet, then it is placed At the top of the toilet, the cat is forced to climb the toilet to reach the bowl, and then the bowl can be completely dispensed with, so the cat will spend his need in the toilet like a human, and it is worth noting that this training requires patience and perseverance.

  • Esperance training

One of the easy and simple exercises that can be done at mealtime. The trainer takes a piece of food and raises it up in front of the cat’s head. The cat is forced to stand on its hind feet, and at the same time raises its head up with its front feet, then the sound of the tool that is used in training is issued; Until the cat understands that this is training, and the piece of food is given to the cat as a kind of reward, after repeating that training several times, the cat gets used to doing that movement on its own, when it wants to ask for anything.

Important tips when raising cats
  • It is not recommended at all to take the cat outside in the winter frequently, so as not to be exposed to cold attacks, as well as as a kind of protection for it from stray street cats, which are more prevalent in the winter.
  • In the event that the cat sees a mouse in its mouth that has caught it, it must be immediately prevented from eating it, taken from it and then thrown away outside the house
  • In the winter it is necessary to provide a warm atmosphere for cats, because they love warm places.
  • Refrain from offering any meat to cats; Because that exposes them to disease, and increases their ferocity.
  • Taking care of the health of cats, giving them vaccinations and various vaccinations.
  • It is necessary to take great care of the hair of cats, and to make sure that there are noinsects in it.

At the end of the article, we would like to mention that cats are a poor animal, they do not have a tongue to express their needs and desires, whether they want food or drink and others, so if you decide to take up the experience of raising a cat at home , you must take full responsibility, take care of it well, and know all the information which belong to it.

Breeding cats protects children from “asthma”

It disables the gene responsible for the disease, and trains the immune system from an early age to live with its causes..

“Basa” in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, “Qatusa” in Tunisia, “Sinara” in Amman, and “Qatta” in Egypt, names that did not satisfy many cat lovers, so they started calling them other names that

Cat Breeders Near Me

increased their attachment to them.

This attachment may increase more and more after a Danish studyrevealed that raising cats helps protect children from joining the queue of “asthma” patients who number about 235 million people worldwide, while 383,000 people are killed annually, according to a report by the World Health Organization. Released in 2016.

The study shows that raising cats with newborn babies may protect them from asthma by inactivating the chromosome 17q21principally responsible for causing disease; Activating it doubles the chances of developing asthma and bronchitis.

The results of the study are expected to change the course of the common accusations that cats increase the severity of chest allergies and asthma by 180 degrees.

Mixing with the natural environment

Hans Bessegaard, Professor of Pediatrics at Copenhagen University Hospital and one of the participants in the study, said in statements to “Al-Alam”: “The research helped us to identify the way in which the disease may occur, and it also documents the interaction between genetics and the environment in which we live, and this interaction It especially occurs very early in life, both during pregnancy and at home.”

The research sample included 377 Danish children whose mothers suffer from asthma, and information about the genetic map was collected for each child separately, in addition to taking samples of allergens collected from the homes and cradles of these children, without neglecting to design a questionnaire that their families answer, About one third of the children in the sample carried this gene.

Cat Breeders Near Me

The researchers collected dust samples from homes that are not inhabited by pets and from families that raise these animals, and they mixed them with water and fed lab mice this liquid mixed with crushed cockroaches and egg protein as allergens to both rodents and humans.

Cat Breeders Near Me

 They concluded that the first group showed immunity to bronchial infections, and did not secrete much mucus, compared to the second group, due to the fact that the group that took this mixture had an important stock of Lactobacillus johnsi bacteria, which gave it a kind of immunity. Against a number of infections and allergies.

Other supporting studies

Previous studies had confirmed the great immune benefits that humans may reap through contact with the natural environment; A study prepared by Susan Lynch, a microbiologist at the University of California, USA, revealed that pets are able to transfer microbes from the surrounding environment to the digestive system of their breeders, and once these microbes settle in the intestines of these breeders, they give them immunity against asthma and allergies.

Cat Breeders Near Me

The results of the study agree, to some extent, with the conclusions of British research on the relationship between pet ownership and the protection of children from developing asthma, by following 3768 children from the beginning of pregnancy until they reach the age of seven years.

The British research concluded that “keeping a pet at home significantly reduced the likelihood that children, at this age, would be exposed to chest allergies and atopic asthma (which occurs as a result of external factors, such as pet wool, pollen, dust, aromatic products, toxic fumes, and other Factors unfavorable to work conditions or the environment), while increasing the risk of non-atopic asthma (which is caused by internal factors, such as the psycho-emotional state of the child, which occurs as a result of family disturbances, high body temperature, obesity and vigorous physical activity).

Immune system training

Mahmoud Hamdi, a specialist in animal medicine and surgery, told Al-Alam: “The research raises the idea of ​​acquiring immunity by training the immune system at an early age to coexist with the pathogens of the disease, which is exactly the same way in which the vaccinations that the child receives. The child is vaccinated using a weak dose of the microbe or virus that causes the disease, and thus his immune system is trained to form antibodies to fight the disease.


On the other hand, some warn that the decision to own cats in homes is a form of gambling. What is known in clinical work is that cats’ fur, saliva and urine contain fungi that cause and provoke allergic reactions in the nose, skin, eyes and bronchial tubes, in people who have a genetic predisposition to the disease that results from interactions between this genetic formation and the surrounding environment, and I think it is too early to generalize the results of This study and instruct families to raise cats as a preventative from these chest diseases.

Maryam Ali, a teacher of chest diseases at Ain Shams Medicine, shares the opinion of Al-Darbaki, adding that “the Global National Initiative for Asthma has set guidelines that must be followed when treating asthma and allergy patients, including not raising cats, especially Shirazi cats, in a house where there is a sick person.” He suffers from asthma and allergies, on a list that also included not breeding parrots, pigeons and birds, stressing that cats’ fur contains an oily substance that causes allergies.

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