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Beauty Tips – Including moisturizing the skin.. unexpected uses for egg yolk

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips – Eggs are one of the basic foods on the breakfast table daily, because of their wonderful taste, as well as containing many proteins and nutrients important for human health. 
But egg yolk has other uses that are not limited to the kitchen only, but can be used in other ways, which we review for you in, according to what was reported by the “ecosalon” website.

Maintaining healthy hair:

healthy hair

Being rich in protein and therefore helping to treat hair damage, by whisking egg yolks and then passing them on your hair, and massaging them with your fingers into your scalp, it helps to treat the damaged and moisturize it as well.

Moisturizing dry skin :

You can also use egg yolk by applying an even layer of it on the face and neck, leaving it for 20 minutes, then washing the face with warm water as the fats in it moisturize dry skin.

Use as fertilizer:

Eggs contain calcium, so you can add egg yolk to the compost, as this method contributes to the growth of plants.

Edible paint:

Use egg yolk to paint pastries and cakes, to give a natural color to foods.

Light wound healing:

Apply a thin layer of egg yolk on light cuts, you will notice that it will help to heal and heal wounds easily.

Eliminate bad smell from jewelry:

Eggs contain sulfur, which helps to get rid of the unpleasant smell of jewelry, by boiling two eggs, then breaking the yolk, placing it at the bottom of the jewelry container, then placing tissue paper on it, closing the container and leaving it at room temperature for a few days, then washing the jewelry with soap and water To get rid of bad smell.

Preventing pelvic obstruction:

Leave the beaten egg yolks in the sink strainer. This method helps prevent anything that passes through it and clogs the sink.


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