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All Kinds Of Cats And Their Names

Cats Names

All Kinds Of Cats And Their Names

  • 1 types of cats
    • 1.1 All kinds of cats and their names

      • 1.1.1 Domestic cats are the most important types of cats
      • 1.1.2 Scottish cats
      • 1.1.3 Exotic cats
      • 1.1.4 British cats
      • 1.1.5 Himalayan cats
      • 1.1.6 Pharaonic cats
      • 1.1.7 Devon Rex cats
      • 1.1.8 Abyssinian cats
      • 1.1.9 Siamese cats
      • 1.1.10 Maine Coon cats
      • 1.1.11 Bengal cats
      • 1.1.12 Balinese cats
      • 1.1.13 Siberian cats
      • 1.1.14 Persian cat
      • 1.1.15 Mau cats
      • 1.1.16 Bombay Cats
      • 1.1.17 Turkish Van Cats
    • 1.2 Domestic cat
      • 1.2.1 Distribution and Habitat:

types of cats

Cats are among the most popular pets for people, although they belong to the list of predators since ancient times, because they have strong serrated teeth, a strong stomach and the ability to digest meat, and they can also see during the night, and they have strong and advanced senses of hearing and smell.

Cats have a strong love for the warm weather, they can withstand high temperatures and even enjoy sleeping under the sun, and they can sleep for long periods of more than 12 hours during the day.

All kinds of cats and their names

There are many different types of cats of various shapes, and their types vary according to the nature of the climate in which they are located, and their ability to adapt to the surrounding conditions, including those that are suitable to be acquired as a pet and others that are not suitable for that, and therefore we would like to address the most famous types of cats and we hope that you will like it:

All Kinds Of Cats And Their Names

Domestic cats are the most important types of cats

It is considered one of the most important types of domestic or domestic cats, and it is the species that can be acquired for breeding inside the house, and it is widespread since ancient times, and there are many shapes and multiple species, and they vary in sizes and proportions, which makes them the most traded among people, as they quickly adapt to the nature of the house and etiquette, and can be trained on household habits.

Scottish cats

The Scottish cat is distinguished by its distinctive shape, as it is of a straight shape like other species, but it can be distinguished when it reaches the age of 3 months from birth, as the entire shape changes and becomes folded differently, which increases the ability of its sense of hearing, and there are many Soft fur shapes.

exotic cats

It was called by this name as it is a hybrid species, which includes the characteristics of multiple breeds, as it has short soft fur in relation to the Persian cat of the breed, but it is more calm and intimate than it, and the fur can be not taken care of for a long time as it is less dense, and it is one of the most traded species due to for its distinguished character.

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British cats

It is a species of British origin and has been widely spread since ancient times, and it is characterized by the color of soft blue fur, but it is not one of the cats who love to have fun and play a lot, as they are moderately active and do not like continuous movement, and there are other types with different breeds of them and are not limited to one color Just.

Himalayan cats

It is one of the types of hybrid cats in which two different types of cat breed are married, through which a new species is produced that possesses the characteristics and mixture of the two types’ colors. And soft fur.

pharaonic cats

It is one of the most prominent types of cats with an ancient pharaonic history. It is one of the holdings of the ancient Pharaohs kings, which was mentioned in many ancient symbols. It is characterized by not having any fur or external fur, but its entire body is soft to the touch, and it is one of the medium-sized strong eyes. Vision.

Devon Rex cats

types of cats
types of cats

It is one of the species that is characterized by its great activity, as it loves to play with people and is easy to adapt inside the house, and is characterized by its short wavy hair, but it is slender in body with a very soft texture, and its large and round eyes enable it to see clearly even during the night, and in dark places.

Abyssinian cats

The Abyssinian cat is distinguished by its soft and rare fur than other species, where the colors range from the root of the hair to the tip, as it appears from afar as a dark red color tilted to orange, and it is known as these bright colors, but there are other colors that change such as blue or dark yellow, and it is not available Of which are white.

Siamese cats

types of cats
types of cats

Siamese cats Some of them are strains that are lean and thin in body, distinguished by the knotted tail, but there are some that are completely different in shape from the previous description.

Maine Cone cats

It is one of the types with thick, smooth and thick fur, and it is usually of a large size and its fur is a mixture of brown shades with straight lines, but one of the most prominent features of this type is that its edges contain one extra finger that it uses for hunting in times of extreme cold where the snow is falling, It is one of the most popular and widespread types.

Bengali cats

It is called this name as it is a hybrid species between two completely different species, the Asian Bengal tiger and the domestic or domestic cat, but it did not acquire the predatory characteristics of the Bengal tiger, but rather it belongs to the families of pet cats, which is not dangerous to acquire, but it has an external shape that tends to be wild with The presence of mottled dots that increase this wild character.

Balinese cats

types of cats
types of cats

This is the most popular type in the United States of America, which can be crossed with Siamese cats, and produce a breed dominated by the characteristics of the Siamese cat, which is characterized by thick, medium-length fur from the back area, and the longest in the head and shoulder area, with wide eyes in light blue, and is considered It is light in weight with prominent muscles and a relatively longer tail than other species.

Siberian cats

It is a species of Russian origin, especially from Siberia, and is characterized by its multiple shapes and colors of different luster, if it has wide eyes of golden or dark green, and the outer fur is soft to the touch of bright colors such as bright red, shiny silver or shades of brown, and it is worth mentioning that it is Prefers to be with its owner on a regular basis.

persian cat

types of cats
types of cats

This type is characterized by soft fur mixed between long and short, and it is a very friendly species, but it is one of the types that prefers to relax, sleep for long hours, and has thick hair, distinct in shape and character, so it is preferred by many people.

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maw cats

types of cats
types of cats

It is one of the types of cats of Egyptian origin, and is known for its high intelligence, speed of learning and mastery. It is characterized by its shape of the appropriate size and is light in movement with various colors and shapes, but it is characterized by the presence of a charcoal mark on its body, and it has oval-shaped eyes in light green.

Bombay cats

types of cats
types of cats

This breed was discovered not long ago, but it is one of the latest discovered species, and is characterized by being one of the pets that can be acquired despite the fact that it lives on eating meat, but prefers to live inside the house, which is characterized by a round head, dark black exterior color, and eyes with The broad round shape is yellow in color, and is usually medium in size.

Turkish Van Cats

One of the most beautiful types of cats is this type with its soft, white fur, with a mixture of multiple colors such as red and pink for the tips of the ears and tail, and it has oval-shaped eyes of yellow color, and it has a noticeably large nose, a tail of dense fur from the rest of the body, and it is one of the species Highly skilled in swimming.

All Kinds Of Cats And Their Names

domestic cat

It is the most widespread feline animal in the world, where we find it everywhere and like its cousins ​​the tiger and the lion , when it hunts, it approaches its prey quietly crawling. He is the companion of man for a long time. In the past, it was sacred in Egypt, where the cat (Baste), for example, was a goddess of music, dance and motherhood. If you want to raise a cat, you have to wait until weaning it within 8 weeks. The cat is an animal that only gives its affection to those who can subdue it. It is a descendant of the wild cat, which is larger in size and has a longer tail.

All Kinds Of Cats And Their Names

Distribution and domicile:

  • The domestic cat is an animal found everywhere except Antarctica.
  • Classification: Order: carnivores – Family: Felidae.
  • Height and weight: Its size varies according to species, and its length is 40-65 cm, in addition to the tail, which is 25-40 cm long, and weighs 1-5 kg.
  • Age: He lives approximately 12 years, and can sometimes live 31 years.
  • Reproduction: – Sexual maturity: from the tenth month.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth: Pregnancy lasts 62-69 days. And the female lays in one pregnancy 3-6 kittens.
  • Way of life: – Diet: It is a carnivorous animal in nature (it feeds on small rodents and birds).
  • Hunting and Threat: Cars are the main threat to urban cats.
  • Social structure: a solitary animal that is unique in its colony.
  • Protection: Not threatened, however it is not protected.
  • Other information: The sound: the cat meows and groans to express its pleasure and sometimes to express its distress or fear. This special sound is produced by a group of coordinated movements between the larynx and the throat.

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