A Religious Scholar Jobs In Lahore

Pakistan is an Islamic country and it was created on the basis of Islamic resolution. We are Muslims. So, it is our duty to act upon on Islamic golden principles .There is need of hour to take measures at society level. In school , colleges and other institutions we have to taught Islamic rules. Hence , according to present situation ,we need a religious scholar for our institution in Lahore .

The man must have a degree of his profession .Who have well knowledge of Islamic history . Who has an experience of guiding. Being a Muslims , there are some responsibilities and limitations for some things. For example, a Muslim never tells a lie and never be a dishonest. and many other such things . But it is literally our bad luck that we have left behind the basic laws and rules which Islam tells us. So, Our government is taking steps to promote our religion and religious scholars are in great Demand. A religious scholar is only man who can build up a nation following its religion. This is an option for you to enlighten the golden lighthouse top by preaching of your religion.

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