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6 Unexpected Causes Of Hair Loss – Very helpful article.

6 unexpected causes of hair loss

6 Unexpected Causes Of Hair Loss – Hair loss is often a reflection of things that can go wrong inside your body, so you need to address the root cause of the problem.

And last Monday, the famous Indian coach in lifestyle and integrative medicine, Luke Coutinho, conducted a live broadcast on his account on the “Facebook” website, in which he touched on possible causes of hair loss that many may not have expected, according to the “doctor.ndtv” website, which specializes in medicine and health, according to the “Sputnik” website. “.

1. Gut Health

If you suffer from poor gut health, this affects your hair. Coutinho explained that you may have the best diet in the world, but if your gut health is poor, your body is not absorbing even the most important nutrients and micronutrients as well as the vitamins required for your hair.

“Your gut regulates hormones as well, and hormonal imbalance is also linked to hair loss,” he said.

2. Vitamin deficiency

Check vitamin D, vitamin B12 and B complex, zinc and iron to maintain hair quality.

Most people only check iron but not the level of ferritin (an intracellular protein that controls the storage and release of iron), the Indian expert says, adding that both should be good.

3. Thyroid problems

If you suddenly start experiencing hair loss, get your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism can lead to dry hair, frizz, and hair loss.

According to Coutinho, while the thyroid is being checked, you can also check ATG (anti-thymocyte globulin) and TPO (thyroid peroxidase) because if they are elevated that could explain hair loss.

4. Hormonal imbalance

The Indian trainer recommends a basic hormone test where the levels of prolactin, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are checked, indicating that any hormonal imbalance may be the reason behind hair loss.

5. Diet

Coutinho goes on to say that before considering blood tests, you should check your diet, adding that if your diet does not give you the required vitamins and nutrients, it will have a direct effect on your hair.

He noted that some people complain that when they corrected their diet they lost weight but also saw a change in the quality of their hair. 
He continued, “Yes, that’s because you only fixed one thing…it is important during weight loss that you maintain the required amount of vitamins in your body that your hair needs.”

6. Stress and tension

Everyone has stress and the question is what do you do about it. It is scientifically and medically proven that chronic stress causes your hair to weaken.

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